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Hi from Eltnot

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Hi all,

I keep African Cichlids at home, and don't have any issues with them.

Most of my problems come from the tank in the business that I work at. The tank itself is 6' x 2' x 2'. It's setup as a saltwater (which I had no experience of up until now) with a sump, protein skimmer, heater and chiller.

I've learnt a fair bit over the last few months, but for all the wrong reasons. To get to the point, due to a rise in Nitrates, and then a subsequent White Spot infestation, we lost most of our fish (Lionfish, Nigger Trigger, Bango Ray, 2x Clownfish, Long Nosed Butterfly, and several Coral. Still have a Bird Nosed Wrasse, 2x Blue Tangs and a Bicolour Angel alive.). The tank is now beginning to return to normal, and we are spending the next few weeks getting the gravel clean (to prevent this from happening again). We'd like to replace the lost fish.

Just wondering what those with more experience think would be interesting and fairly easy to keep to add to the tank. Also looking for suppliers that could ship to Rockhampton.

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HI Elton

Welcome to the formI think the best way toclean the salt tank

Is got find ya self a clean beach on an in comming tide get your self some buckets with lids and just replace the sea water with the dirty water from the 6 foot

That way you might be able to bring back ya live rock and get the nitrats down at the same time

And U can also just get a few kgs of good live rock and mix it with your old that will help as well

The more live rock the more fish you can get

But rember only a few fish at a time you don't want to over load the the tank too quick

U can try Aquarium warehouse they should be able to help you out with fish and that and some of the other members came help you out with other shop nere you


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Profile updated.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I've already lowered the nitrates (through regular water changes with presalted water), and removed the whitespot (or so we believe, just giving it time to confirm).

Just looking for new ideas for the tank once we've let it settle down for a week or two. I'm interested by live rock, I've been warned off it by our local pet shop as they've had some customers have issues with it.

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Sometimes if a shop is shy or reluctant about a product or system and they have customers with problems, might be best to try a different shop.

A petshop owner once told me that to keep my cichlids , I should buy 80kg of calcium carbonate off him. I chose not to and asked around alot of people before deciding on substrate and buffers. I can't help as my knowlege of marines is nil but regardless of species or topic, always seek other opinions, professional and otherwise, maybe a shop that sells live rock can better explain the pros and cons.


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