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2ft planted brackish

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Started last night. Not planted as yet, still researching what will successfully grow in brackish. Hoping to house Sailfin mollies & Bumblebee gobies

Medium river sand substrate.

Driftwood is just what i had spare, though more are soaking.

Some more rocks to be added

Plants i'm hoping to grow include Hairgrass, Elodea, Val, Crypts to start.

As it is so far, just filled (freshwater as sand was not as washed as i thought, so i'll drain and refill), tank not fully filled yet


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Pretty much any plant that will grow in high alkanlinity will grow in low level brackish water (less than 1.012 salinity), which I am sure your setup is, since your choice of fish don't need high salinity. Plants that to well include, java fern, val, anubias, and a few others.

The scape is nice, good looking tank.

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