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last of the lot

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below - pick up only of caorse

on offer is-

2x cabinets stand and 1 15x15x2ft high tank

approx 6 fluro lights

approx 3 power heads filters

1 aquaone cf500 cannister filter

stacks of ornaments and weed{plastic} real rocks and real driftwood

fish include

9 leptosoma malawsa colony

4 gold alto comps

6 black calvus

neo multi shelldwellers

julio ornatus colony

blue dolphins x 20 @ 5cm

heaps of mixed africans

afra cobue colony

texas pair 15cm

juparai pair

optha nasatu chimba colony

pm me with enquiries

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hi bettaman - really lookin to trade but am willing to accept reasonable offers, what there worth to me is always worth differently to someone else so if anyone is interested in a cash sale thats fine -just pm me a offer and we can go from there- i need a change of direction in my life so fish has to be the first to go-

thanx for the interest

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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