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Ok I think its time for somthing thats has never been done on a form

Regulated pricing!

For all those people out there that keep asking.

Me what do You think I should sell this fish for or what is a 4 foot tank go for on here

We need a list of fish and what they are worth say yellows are $1 a cm

But there should be pricers for fry and adult fish and wild caught

F1 ect

So if you want to sell fish for shop pricers rent a shop front

It pissers me off people trying to sell fish at shop pricers

This Is a hobby form!

Its here so people can get in to keeping fish not to be ripped off by some low life trying to make a buck

I don't degruge any 1 selling a few fish for some $$

I realy feel sorry for the big breeders selling fish to the shops

U can sell them on here for more than they offer you but I gess quanty is the go

I was asked my a new member if I was trying to rip him off

Like what Try buying Yellows in a shop for 3$ each at 4 to 5 cms

I was going to tell him they Died from white spot but any ways

He was happey with is 5 yellows and 4 likomers and 1 digma for 20$ cheep as chips Kids Grrr!

o YA people if you have a problem with some ones fish tell em about it?

I don;t think its quiet fare if you have to buy 13 fish in stead of 10 because you know you are going to loose a few any ways

If you tell the breeder he might sell you the 10 you want and 3 extra at 2/3s the normal price just in case

I have been told heaps of times about these fish and all they can say thats Y i got more

I'd be stuffed it I'm going to hand over 20 or 30$ for fish I know that will die in a week or so ( hello!)

Well atleast with a price list every 1 will be able to get an Idear on what fish are worth we can work that on the avarge price they are sold for on here

That way its fair to every 1

And one more thing people don't buy fish under 3cms

Aspicaly Bns a few member do this and I hear all the time about people loosing 3 or 4 or the whole batch

The Auction will not accept fish under 3cms unless there dwarfs

So why should any 1 elce

So It might be a good thing or a bad thing who knows

But rember if you are happy paying the price the fish or that is being sold for just because you know these people or you have heard there good

And people be nice to the people that are buying your fish

They probly drove 2 hours in trafic just to get the fish they have always wanted

And a friendly face at the end would be nice

Not a door opend a crack you tell em who U are and what you came for

And U are told to wait there and 10minets latter the fish are handed over you give over your hard erned cash then the door slams shut

I know this its been done to me but sorry for taking a piss on ya front yard but I was busting :twisted:

So What do you all think

If this getts me banned do be it


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I don't see why we need to regulate prices. The end of the day let ur money talk!!! If someone want to sell their elect Yellows for $10 @ 3cm, good luck to them, I won't be buying them, infact I'd be even happier to put my add for $5 straight after them..

Pricing is dictated by supply and demand, look at bristlenoses, you can get commons for $1/cm ,you try and get peps for the same price, nearly identical fish, but harder to get peps so more expensive.

End of the day if you don't like the price someone is selling their fish for (and yuo are interested in buying them) either coff up what they want or offer what you think they're worth..

I know sometimes I'm flexible with my prices, but other times if I think the fish are already cheap, I won't drop the price.

At no time is anyone forcing anyone to buy the fish, if you don't like the price, don't buy them!!

Same goes for the little fish you don't have to buy them. Yes I agree that people need to know the risks involved with buying little fish, but if they know and are happy to take the risk who are we to say NO!!!

Just my 2 cents worth!!


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hi Roo, mate it sounds like a good idea but i dont think it will work, as your self are like me ,we sell our fish at what we think is a reasonable price the fish are worth (time ,food electricity etc) while there are others out there as you said are ripoffs. people have different opinons on what they think there fish are worth (pet shop prices example) so i think some buyers will try and play on the set out prices and who is going to set the prices . i know myself , what i think my fish are worth but some one else will probably have a different opion are they going to go on the set out prices or are they going to go by my pricing. Roo, no mater what the hobby is there are always a few out there to reck it for the good guys.

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I hear you roo

its annoying when you try to do a newbie a favor and they look at you like your ripping em off

makes you tend not to help them again

i hate being told i saw those at a shop for so and so price, which is prob a special price or they got em cheap off a breeder

yes price should be regulated by what you want and if no one bites you drop the prices. I dont think a list will help too muchm cause there are always people trying to screw you. I hate setting prices for fish but as a rule generally half of what theyre selling at the shops is about the max i normally go. but elec yellows vary so dammn much, ive seen em for 6 and seen em for 19 95

i feel your anger dude you tried helping and someone didnt appreciate that sucks hang in there roo

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Have to agree with Matt 100% here.

2 things come to mind

1. buying or selling, take it or leave it. $1 or $10 a cm don't matter if you want to shift your fish you take what is fair or less. If you really want a fish you pay what's fair or more.

2. Buyer beware. I know we are supposed to be a community and treat each other with respect and fairness, but not all are that way inclined nor (and most importantly) are everyones opinions on sizes and prices the same.

Before selling, buying, changing filters, cleaning tanks, medicating, feeding, stripping mouthfuls etc, etc. I have done some kind of research even if as simple as looked at some past posts.

So if someone wants $10 for his 2.5cm bristley then a. good luck to him. and b. more fool the dunce who bought it. Harsh?

I am currently selling some fish that some may consider too small but I have successfully moved these fish to different waters with no loss. I have formed the opinion (rightly or wrongly) that age is more important than size in this respect, so opinions do vary.

Having said that, Roo, as usual your points and arguments are entirely valid and your post should be helpful in making buyers and sellers think twice about what they are doing.

I think it is far better and adequate that your post is read than to make any "rules" though.

Just my humble opinion.


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Gidday Roo I am a newbie to the hobby and have recently purchased 25 e yellows from one of the breeders on this forum at a fifth the price of lesser quality fish available from my LFS not only that he gave my wife and mysellf at least an hour of his time givin us info on breeding and care dont get dis heartened mate without people like you and most of the people we have met in the hobby ,people like us on the minimum wage couldnt get involved cheers Hilly

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Ok a few opinions here feel free to respond, not trying to offend here just putting in my 2 CENTS

This a forum where people help each other out with advice all the time. Why not try and help with sales of fish...Roo good statement but pricing is a vary hard thing to set and abide by, what would happen if for example we (Forum Community) say yellows are $1 per cm then somebody posts that he will sell for .75 cents per cm. As stated before price is dictated by supply and demand. Perhaps we could comb through past post sales and create a list that would give an average price for that variety of fish.

Eg. Electric Yellow Juvies <6cm = $3 - $6

Adult > 7cm = $8-$12

A) Fish should be at least 3 cm when sold personally wont buy anything under that size myself

B) Everybody wants to see what they're buying so post pics whenever possible

C) Dont sell sick or injured fish

D) Dont stuff people around with holds and no shows

E) Be considerate when buying and selling fish a lil hospitality and manners go a long way (All the people I have had the pleasure to get fish from have been truely genuine, helpful and polite) You know who you are and I thank you.

I know the mods probally wont go for this but maybe we could post a section where people rank and give feedback like Ebay for example about the seller and product

Anyways thats my bit of input

Cheers Matt

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My 2 cents

I understand Roo's point of view and agree on many of his points of view. I'm not going into Roo's detail though.

However do we really want price fixing on what is a hobbyist forum? It is not petrol or cardboard boxes that are being traded.

Most times the prices that are being asked on this forum are well under that of an LFS, are locally bred (not imported) and have not been hormone enhanced. As mentioned by hilly, the forum members provide great assistance to other members, I have experienced this on numerous occasions in my fairly new forum experience.

If you think that the price is too high, don't buy them, the seller will soon realise that the price they are asking is too high.

I say fair go both ways, a forum is based on personalities and people, not big business. Most sell for under what the cost of raising them is, take in food, electricity, time and effort. Who makes money on here? If we were not having fun we would not be on the forum or in the hobby.

Be fair and reasonable on both sides and I'm sure we'll all have a ball ! !

Good discussion


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It won't get you banned by me, Roo. I thought some of what you wrote was common knowledge, some need not be said. Most of it was long winded & full of shit. But hey, thats just my opinion & judged on my experiences.

Then again, I trade my fish to lfs for the same price I would get here & because I have built up a great relationship with a shop & I look after them I get a great discount on stock. I get to hear whats new in live stock etc. If it wasn't for lfs, chances are the hobby wouldn't exist. Who gets the new fish? People connected to wholesalers, importers, lfs etc.

Then again I think its stupid of people to sell for such a cheap price compared to lfs sell for. I mean I know of people here that sell to lfs for the same price they sell online for. Don't know many industries like that.

As for regulating, what a joke. I mean look at something as simple as electric yellows. Look at all the various qualities out there, plus the odd new line etc. :roll: If someone is to dare, people won't buy. They will learn. Plus this is a forum, it is here to help others & for them to ask questions.

Thanks for the dummy spit, I had a good laugh.

Frenchy :D

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My turn for a dummy spit

What astounds me is that the common stuff sells so fast - and the rare stuff can sit around ignored when at a great price. Why does everyone want Socolofi. The quality is very poor compared to the first I saw over 15 years ago - and everyone has them. Come on people then you see something else like the newer species in the country like LF Zebras going for cheap - and no-one wants them. 8O

I will not sell people fish from my home - sorry people but I do not know you from seeing you type on a computer and I have a beautiful wife and four wonderful kids and it is there home too. I will meet you at a LFS preferably a good one so that I can enjoy my time - and normally go home with new fish instead of any money.

Gotta say but eveyone I have dealt with in buying or selling here has conducted the trade with class. Thankyou to those guys.

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1 more thing - prices won't work as depends on quality - good quality e. Yellows from a breeder who realises we have a limited gene pool and hence has sourced his colony from different locations around QLD (and maybe Oz) is worth more than the ones from a guy who has bought two and had them breed in his tank.

How much more - well nothing to me as I am getting rid of my last africans - but if I was still going africans I would pay twice as much.

I would like to see minimum sizing of fish for sale introduced however - cruel to move a fish at too young an age and cruelty is never OK

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As far as Im concerned there will never be price for the forum

As Frenchy you wont get banned here for that

Same as a minimum size

People have the right to buy and sell what they want

Yes I agree we should work on a minimum size but there wont be any rules on it

I wish we could enforce a rule as small fish sometimes dont survive any trips

An Ebay system based on a rating is to easy to manipulated and its only going to create more work for the mods here

The 4 of us that are currently doing this job do this because we want a forum

An easy scenario to think about

Justin buys fish from me

My fish are perfect and come from perfect water

He takes them home and dumps into his tank with not so good water

All the fish die

Now he is going to give me a bad rating unless I replace the fish

Ive done nothing wrong and sold decent fish yet Im going to get a bad rating

Now when this happens with 2 people we dont know

Who do we believe?

Maybe and I say Maybe we might talk about a forum where you can recommend different members as generally people saying good things mean it

Also I dont recommend selling fish from your house and how world become less safe and you cant trust everyone

I wish it wasnt this way

The search part of the forum is one of the most powerful things for users to use

Search for E Yellows and see how much they generally sell for

Everyone trying to sell fish should use this function to gauge where the market is sitting

At the end of the day let your money talk


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Oh, I have seen this type of post before, back in the ezboard days.

Another point on regulating is market value changes. I saw albino bristlenose go from $300 each to $10 in the space of a year. Some poor bugger will sell something here for the regulated price, people will say hey your expensive. Market has changed, they then get upset......

I agree with gingerbeer about the rarer fish too. But what can you do? People want the rare fish but not pay for them. Even though some of the species including the one you named are a great price, compared to the numbers out there.

Problem also is roo, what happens when have your next dummy spit? This time you hate having to answer a question you see all the time. ie; new tank syndrome.

My pet hate is white spot. When people suggest raising temp & adding salt. Hardly ever do they ask what fish the person keeps. Remember salt upsets some species & you also have to increase airation, oxygen level deplete quickly at high temps.

You see Roo when it comes to pet hates & problems & regulations. Where do you draw the line?

The reason I found your post so funny is, because you said this

This Is a hobby form!

Thats right it is a hobby forum. Forums were started, so like minded people can chat to each other & help each other out.

Relax & take a chill pill. :lol:

Frenchy :D

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Ok Afew bundies and I'm a bit carmer lol

I said sorry to the young guy last nite so we are cool again

I know fish very from breeder to breeder

But I have had a few shockers over the years

And they are never pasted on to other people or the shops Ither

Its not a good practious to sell your mixed or badly colured fish

To a shops just to clean out your tanks

But Most shops i have been to seam to be doing the right thing

Rare fish are a nother story I have a few of the harder ones to find

But if people don't know what they are you just carn't move them

I should write a book on how to make a fish room on the cheep lol

Its tanken me 9 years to get what little I have so loosing some of the more pricy fish is a hard thing to take

As for white spot and that I always ask people whats in the tank be for I tell them how to fix the problem

And even then after trying to save a few fish of mine only to find out they have gone blind or some other problem has happend

Then you just haver to bite the bullet and put them down

And your right its not a very good Idear to have people comming to your house unless you know them or have met b4

A few people have had fish stollen over the years

Mostly plecks and pepes and that

Don't get me wrong I know Pet shops have to sell there fish at the pricers they do and they very greatly from place to place depending where there fish come from

And if you think about it there is not a great deal of money in selling them

Its the tanks and all the other things you pick up that keep the shops going

Pricing fish

Just a gide line would help most of the new people to get and I dear on what to look for

I know the mods have enough to do in here with out trying to make a few happy when there are 100s more people doing the right thing

Ok I'm going to crawl back in to the hole I came from and leave you nice people to do your own thing :lol:


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No worries Roo, we appreciate people letting of steam, giving points of view. Some of what you said will get some people thinking.

You are right the sad thing is we all have seen some dodgy things in our time. Shops have it hard, can miss things. It is when I see hybrids sold as tropheops, that gives me the shits.

As for private sellers, some aren't as clean as others, some comes down to being naive etc. Yep, some are out just to make a buck.

As stated earlier, it is buyer beware. Buy cheap by twice, shop around etc etc etc.... Same sort of thing when buying anything.

Frenchy :D

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Anyone who knows Roo, (who doesn't) knows that this was an exercise in letting off steam and as stated earlier at least this isnow a topic raised, read and thought about. The other thing with pricing is that some folk breed to make a few dollars, some breed cause they like breeding(fish I mean) and some breed only because fish will do that without any help and so you have little tanks around the house full of little f*#@**g fry. I have advertised fry for the first time to try my luck at getting $1 more than a shop will pay but make the prices as attractive as possible for a quick sale. If it don't work, it's off to the lfs thinking what a shame I got bugger all for those and worse, someone else will pay 5 - 10 times more for them. Oh well.

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