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What can I say but like the rest of you I love my scaled friends. Im from out towards Ippy and have had tanks for several years but have just gotten into cichlids in the last 6months, primarily africans but my focus is now shifting towards americans, like jacks and texas. Im desperately on the hunt for a female texas as my bristlenose had a munch on her when she got stuck under a rock. Other than that My obsession is limited to my house at the moment but It will grow once I can make some room. I only have 2 tanks running at the momemt, a 4x15x18 and a 2x18x15. Ive got another 2x18x15 ready to run but not sure what I wanna get for it. Got any suggestions on another nice american species?

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Hey fello fisho, Its steve from Maryborough.. Just answering to your post on my tank size..yeah its getting pretty tight for room in the old 3footer, some are growing faster than others.. heres a horror story, 2weeks ago my brother helped me bring an 8 footer up from brissie it was a marathon effort as there was just the two of us, it had 20mm base 13mm sides.. just got it up on its stand. The next day i was trying to glue in my latex olga background 6by 2. When one of the clamps failed an even though i had the bottom cushioned it fell the two foot an bang.. A 5ft spiderweb crack.. It was a trying weekend.. So its put me back about two months. Yeah the american cichlids are pretty addictive thats why i moving up to an 8 so i can get a few more. I love my texas as well, they grow pretty quick, this is my second one now as the last one grew that much quicker than everyone else he was just dusting them. So i swapped for a smaller one bout two months ago now an he settled in good. Cheers Steve

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