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WTS: Eheim Classic 2217 Spares

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Hey guys,

Have the following for sale due to me cracking the canister housing after a bit of an accident during maintenance. Was wonderful timing as I'd just purchased a few new parts for it. I basically have the whole retail package canister, minus the housing/bucket bottom section - although It's siliconed up and functioning I don't trust it for display/in-house use.

So, I have the following for sale.

Following parts are less than a week old, purchased brand new:

Eheim 2215/2217 Impellor Shaft (w/ Rubber fittings)- 7438430 - $10

Eheim 2217 Impellor, 50hz - 7633590 - $30

The following parts have been used on the canister for around 2 years, all in perfect working condition. I won't list pricing/part no. of these but if you're interested let me know:

- Pump Head w/ O-Ring, Internal O-Ring, Impellor Cover

- Latice screen for top and bottom

- Pump Head Clips

- 13mm Taps + 17mm Taps

- Inlet strainer + Intake Pipe w/ Suction Cups

- Hosing, (estimated) 2M 17mm, 50cm 12/16mm

- 4x Rubber Feet

- Cracked canister that holds water

If there's any parts that I've missed that you think you can use, let me know. Willing to sell cheaply as a package (keeping in mind the brand new impellor, as well as the old for a spare) if anyones interested in playing. If you're good with silicon this could result in a good deal for you. Unfortunately, I am not fantastic with it so it will probably need a clean.

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