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Breeding Setup For Sale

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Getting rid of my Breeding setup which has been well used for cory's, bristlenose, tetras, guppies, mollies and numerous cichlids.

Had to put in new stand with 4ft tanks so just no room anymore for this setup.


Top shelf is 6 tanks 300 x 180 x 190mm w/lids and sponge filters

Second shelf is 2 tanks 440 x 260 x 250mm w/lids & sponge filters, 1 tank 490 x 270 x 260mm w/lids and sponge filter and 1 tank 510 x 300 x 260mm with lids and sponge filter.

Third shelf is 1 tank 520 x 260 x 280mm w/lids and sponge filter, 1 tank 410 x 470 x 220mm w/lids and sponge filter and 1 tank 460 x 360 x 280mm w/lids and sponge filter.

Bottom shelf is currently used for storage, but originally had 2 tanks one 2ft and one 18inch.


On one end of the stand another stand attaches and has 1 divided ex show tank 620 x 470 x 360mm w/lids and power filter, with room for a second tank 620 x 470 x 470mm above and a set of drawers below.

Note; all tanks need a good clean, most had fish in them at Christmas but have been sitting empty since then.


The other end has a set of metal brackets where another three small tanks could be situated if desired or just used as storage shelves.

253714922ynSgQn_th.jpg 2169634700055540528npxOFC_th.jpg

On the Back of the stand is a Brine Shrimp hatchery with a heap of cysts.


The stand is air driven by a Hailea ACO - 318 piston type air compressor which is included.

Stand comes complete with light fittings and 4 spare 2 foot tubes.

Also have a few spare items, nets, filter sponges, gravel grunger etc.

$350.00 o.n.o.

PM me or phone 0402 841 627 (if no answer leave message and I will call you back)

Graeme :gz

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