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WTB 3ft stand URGENT!!!

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I recently came back from a weeks holiday to my roommates telling me my stand has developed a serious lean. We have had to take half the water out and prop it up on one side. So i need a new stand asap. i think its 3x15. Im a uni student so as always looking for the cheapest option so if anyone has a old stand lying around let me know.

Im working full time in the city so if i could pick one up tomorrow that would be ideal.

Call or text me on 0423877072

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Thanks for the idea brocks, its pretty bad so i am pretty keen just to go for a different one to prevent more problems in the future. i dont really want it falling over and exlploding.

Steve im not really keen for a complete set up just want the stand, but if someone wants the tank and light we could group buy and split it and $40 for each

Edit: just for a rough idea how much would a stand go for in a retail store eg pet city. Cheers tim

cheers tim

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I can just barely remember my uni days they were so long ago - What I do remember that still helps me today is that besser blocks are a student's best friend :)

http://www.ehow.com/how_4762575_make-fi ... stand.html

http://virtuallyamy.wordpress.com/2008/ ... ium-stand/

http://saltaquarium.about.com/od/diytan ... titank.htm

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