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Hi Everyone.

I am new here so I thought I would say hi.

I am Lance and I am In Woodridge on the south side.

I havnt kept fish for many years but about 9 weeks ago I set up a 5 x 2.5 x 3 foot tank in the lounge room.

Now I have that tank plus a 3x2, 2 x 2 footers, 6 x smaller breeding/Fry tanks and 4 x 4 footers in the garage.

So far the fish I have collected in the 9 weeks to date are:

2 x Lombardi

2 x johanni

1 x Hongi

5 x electric blue cichlids

2 x electric yellow cichlids

4 x flameback cichlids

4 x bristlenose catfish

1 x Fire Blue red empress cichlid

6 x ob zebra (orange) cichlids

4 x peacock cichlid

5 x Jaguar cichlids

4 x jack dempseys

1 x Zebra obliquidens

1 x Sulpher blaze lithobate

4 x Six Bar Burundi Frontosa

2 x convicts

3 x Malawi eye biters

Cuckoo catfish

2 x clown loaches

10 x red top Ice blues

30 + Mollies



2 x snails

3 x kribensis

1 x blue ram

1 x bolivian butterfly ram

8 x goldfish

3 x cory dora

Breeding couple paratilapia polleni cichlids

1 x auratus

Also Have Bred-

Convict fry

Jack Dempsey fry

Jaguar Fry

Johanni Fry

Ice Blue Fry

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Hi GS.

Thanks for the welcome.

Fish and fishing has always been my obsession.

I have been a tornament fisherman all my life and was once heavily involved with NSW Fisheries doing capture and research on Trout cod and numerous other species of freshwater fish along with major restocking programs.

Also heavily involved with the acid sulphate soils dilemma along our coastlines which has caused the deaths of millions of fish so breeding a few cichlids helps fill the days in now.

Another dozen tanks and a few more fishies and I should be happy,lol.

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mate sounds like youv been into some pretty interesting stuff aye

iv always been into the aussie natives and have tried to research the trout cod but havent found that much info about it on the net

good to see some more people getting into the hobby


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hey thanks davo25

Time is ok for me but yeah the money gets tight spending on fish and stuff all the time,lol.

I guess i could be wasting it down the pub like i did for many years.

atleast this fills my hours in through the days and nights,gives me heaps to do.

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