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Fully Enclosed Cabinet Fish Tank 4 sale-w/ African Cidhilids

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3 year old fully enclosed cabinet fish tank up for sale. Tank is 5ftx2ftx3ft. Particulars of tank are as follows;

Aqua one 2400, Cannister filter (9 months old)

Aqua one Sr-9500, Air pump (4 months old)

Sonpar power head RR-1800

2x Water heaters-300amp each, twin flouro lights.

Heaps of accessories. Cost over $3000, sell for $800.

Fish included- African Cidhilids (9).

To view pics please visit; www.freewebs.com/fishtank4sale

Press pictures in the navbar to view.

Contact Brian 0432 396 663 after 4pm weekdays. Tank is located on the Gold Coast-Mt Nathan.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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