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Pics taken today

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Very nice photos Shorty.

Is the Laetacara dorsigera from Fishchcks? If it is, I thinks it's a male. If your ever interested in trying to breed them wickky from the the forum has most of it's brothers and sisters, and I believe he'll be looking to sell some soon. Or you can PM me, as I know where there are some more, that aren't quite as closely related.

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Thanks for your comments guys & girls.

Eric...they are females, however have some nicely coloured males also

Japes...just experimenting with the Nik photo editing program. I'm in 2 minds about the blackened frames.

Briztoon...yes the Acara are from Fishchicks. Also have the female. Yes I'll pm you. :) Quite like these fish

Serenitynow...I'll post some full tank shots later tonight.

Jodie...yes settled in brilliantly. No problems there & thanks so much. You're fish stock are a credit to you Jodie.

Billy...yes that is a gold spot pleco (10cm)

Crazy D...don't know about that & for the record, the HE is a SHE :sweatdrop: :lol::lol:

GTR...thanks for your comment also

Cheers Shorty. :fish:

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