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Snooks Have Babies!!!

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After 7 days of cleaning the breeding site and beating each other up they have finally laid some eggs ;D Hopefully they will be fertile and they will be good parents.

Have some pics but they aren't that great as I didn't want to freak them out. They have become super aggressive and smash the glass even when you enter the room.

Male on the left and female on the right. Check out that egg tube :o

They are both around 18cm. Not sure on the age.

I have 5 in total and out of them they have formed 2 pairs with a spare female. Whats the odds :)

Anyway here's some pics and I will post some when and if they hatch.


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Thanks for the comments :D

They are central american cichlids. Here's a few profiles...

Green Form http://cichlid-forum.com/profiles/species.php?id=5

Red Form http://cichlid-forum.com/profiles/species.php?id=2328

Haven't seen any red forms around. Nerang Pet Barn has a large snook in its display tank with the giant gourami.

Its their first time so hopefully they will be fertile, if not now, then I'm sur eit shouldn't take too long in between drinks. The little fry look like baby peacock bass. They have the protuding mouth when they eat as well. Snooks are kinda like barramundi in temperament and feeding habits.

Can't wait to see some free swimming. Day 2 today and a few eggs have disappeared and the parents are very protective. Even against each other. Might have to seperate them to condition them before they go again.

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Here's a few more pics of them courting and the difference in the tubes. Male has a skinny spikier tube and the female has a longer fuller tube.

Day 3 and the eggs haven't hatched yet but they haven't turned white. Fingers crossed 8)


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Thanks JK.

Had to take the male out as he was getting a bit boisterous and eating the eggs. Only 4 have turned white with a little bit of fungus. Can't get my hand in there to suck them out cause the female bites :)

They now have little black dots in them and are taking shape. Taking a lot longer then I thought. Hopefully when they hatch the girl won't eat them. She is not eating food I put in there for her. Just sucks them in and spits them out. Being ultra defensive. So signs are she will be a good mum.

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Just a few pics of the mini fry cloud. Heaps more fry then I originally thought. Mum is still not eating and I have started to sprinkle some fry powder into the tank. Going to leave them all in there with her until she decides she wants them out.

The male has started to flare up at the other females in the other tank. They all have their tubes down so I might have another batch soon enough 8O

Thanks for reading.

th_57512_DSCF3552_122_96lo.JPG th_57513_DSCF3554_122_587lo.JPG

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