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ever priced plumbing up your aquarium???

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for those who have thought about it and wondered how much it costs........

heres a basic run down on the costs:

Drilling the tanks:

Drill bits 30mm diamond core bit $14.90 off ebay

45mm diamond core bit $38.90 "trade tools caboolture"

Female bulk head fittings: 25mm $14.90 x12

40mm $20.97 x12

40mm pvc elbows $2.86 x26

40mm pvc 3mtr lengths $18.90 x5

40mm pve T-Piece $4.66 x8

Pvc cement 500ml $9.70

JHP-9500 10000lph x1 $155 (for first bank of 17 tanks)

JQB-4500 4500lph x1 $60 (for second bank of 6 tanks)

20m roll of 25mm poly tubing $19.80 (presurized return flow)

25mm t-pieces $1.38 x 12

25mm elbows $0.98 x 6

15mm inline taps $3.68 x 11

21-27mm hose clamps for all the joins $0.98 x 45

so well and truly over the $1000 i had budgeted.............

but nonetheless entirly worth it and the system will have paid for itself within 12-15 weeks and its much less maintainence by far which equates to a higher dollar per hour profit for myself with the hours involved to keep it all running

just a bit of insight for anyone contemplating it.......



Will have more pics when its finished,would of had it done last week but there has been a delay with the bulkheads........

how much did it cost you???


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yeah i found cheaper ones but they were average - poor to say the least, if im going to be stocking upwards of $4000 worth of fish i dont really want to use low budget equiptment, the only thing i went cheap on was the pumps and they are just a temperary measure till i get a onga or davies continuous running H/P pump


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lol, the missus car fits in the other side and my $hitbox lives out the front, its a 2 car garage, im getting a 3 or 4 bay shed built up the back for when i get my new WH grange and the other 2 bays will be for my new fish room & workshop, so all this setup will be up for sale in about 16 months


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