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Hi Petey,

Just to clarify, the link Sarg gave isn't really a profile website, but it does provide links to many useful websites.

Briefly, "geos" is short for Geophagines. The Geophagus genus belongs to a group of Cichlids known as Eartheaters due to their feeding behaviour which involves sifting sand through their mouths for food particles, crustaceans, etc.

They are generally social cichlids that should be kept in groups of at least 4 of the same species to fulfil their needs for a properly formed social structure as well as spreading conspecific aggression. They must be kept on a sandy substrate, or at the very least a very fine gravel. Dietary needs are similar to most Americans, however high vegetable matter is welcome - also note that all foods should be kept quite small, most keepers will feed a maximum size of 1mm pellets to Adults.

Most common species grow to between 7" (17cm) and 12" (30cm) TL. Females are generally smaller and less colourful.

I don't personally recommend Eartheaters for any setups unless the setup is planned around them from the start. While they may "survive" with many other cichlids, their peaceful and social nature will generally be interrupted and colour/behaviour/health will deteriorate if they're kept in a hostile environment, with Central American Cichlids for example.

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