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Latex B/ground fitting to 6x2x2

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Well finally got my hands on the 3d latex rock background I have been chasing for a while!

So going to post pics up of my project as it progresses

The tank is a 6x2x2 and was previously set up with Discus and b/nose, gravel substrate and anubias on wood.

The filtration is a 4ft sump, 1200lt/hr canister (just with sponge/matting), and 2 powerheads.

The old background was the nasty blue/black plastic you buy at the lfs

So this is how it looked, crap pic :oops:


I drained and cleaned the tank yesterday, getting ready for the re-scape.

Cleaned the glass with a mixture of bicarb, warm water and vineager.

Dried it off and placed in my new background with tank right way up.

Held the background up with some wood to see which parts on the rear touched the glass and marked it on the outside with a nicko pen.

I did this so to know where to apply dots of silicone when the tank was on it's side...see pics :)




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Before I siliconed it in I siliconed a small powerhead(5ool/h) behind the background.

I did this as water will get in there and I wanted some flow to stop waste etc collecting there.

Then placed the 25mm bulkheads for the sump in.

So next was the silicone! :roll:

I had left the background in the sun for awhile to make it more pliable, it did help but gotta say not an easy job!

Laid the tank on it's side to use gravity and waited it down in some areas with rocks.

Used about 2 1/2 tubes of selleys aquarium silicone....

So this is where I'm at and will wait around 5-7 days for the silicone to cure properly.



Steve :)

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Congrats mate, looks cool :)

My 6ft has a background very very similar and i love the look it gives to the tank. The silicone job on mine was very dodgy, but it still looks great. I like your idea of creating flow behind the latex, because it certainly does fill with water. I had the odd feeder disappear, only to reappear a couple of months later after living in behind the latex!!! :lol::lol::lol:

Anyway, I think it looks great and I'm sure your fish will love you for it. My female Jag kept found an indentation low down in one corner and continued biting at it to try and dig a cave. Thought she was nuts till about a week later she figured out she couldn't dig it anyway and just laid eggs in the depression. :lol:

Looking forward to a pic of the completed and stocked tank when it's done.

All the best.

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Yeah the latex is firm but bendy, so you can twist it around and bend it together til you get it in the tank.

Looks great and the fish seem to think it's pretty cool too. :lol::lol:

I wouldn't know, waiting till tomorrow night then filling!

5 days should do it, well 4 1/2 :lol:

Can't wait picking up my 1st batch of peacocks on Sun, and want it all done by Sat night! :)

Background is in firm, can't move it when I pull hard.....so :mrgreen:

Post some pics tomorrow night with sand and hopefully all rocks in!!!! :upsidedown: :mrgreen: :upsidedown: :fish:


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Hey Chris if you look at the background in the tank, on the right hand side a big rocky bit juts out.

I put a generous dab of silicone on the glass and placed the powerhead sideways, facing down the length of the tank.

Being just a 500 l/h powerhead they are quite small!

Don't ask me when I will have to replace it cos I don't want to think about it! (it is brand new btw ;) )

If it goes down I will probably just plumb a cannister filter I have into the back of the background!



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How did those pinicles work out?

My change was done by about 5:30pm the action started at 5:31pm am expecting spawning within the week, Wham bam Thankyou Mam!

Ps his colour is phenomenal and she is the brightest I have ever seen her.


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Wow! the Background looks awesome! The fish are soooo tiny! They will look awesome when they mature, you'll need a lot of fish to keep that sucker overstocked to break up fights! If you keep on your current track that will look like a ken done painting (reference to colour not sh%tty art) when you are done! Keep us up dated, looking great so far! If I get any extra tiger stripe males out of this batch they are yours if you want them. ;) .

Keep up the good work.


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tank looks wicked man.... cant wait to see the finished product. put sand in beks tank too. looks heaps better but took 24hrs for the water to fully clear up. if u hear of any more colourfull affricans for sale cheap let me know. bek wants a couple more for her tank. go 2 crimson tides yesterday for her and they look pretty cool.

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Wow mate, that looks unreal! Top job there, love it! I was tempted to do this myself .. might have to think about it in the future. Did it take up much tank width / space... i need a lot of room for my fronts and dont want to take up much space in the tank...

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