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In the deep end - breeding corydora

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Need a bit of advice..

I have eight monster sterbai & 4 juvies and last week, found eggs all over my 280 litre four foot community tank.

Popped them in a large fine net suspended over a sponge filter thats also running in the tank. Now have @40 week old wrigglers.

Have been feeding them vinegar eels and finely crushed flake, and will be adding hatchless brine cysts in the next few days

Now need to work out what to do with them, and how to keep them alive

I've made a diy icecream container fry saver to float in the tank, but as they are doing so well in the net have been cautious about moving them, but will do it in the next few days.

How long should they be kept in the fry saver?

What other foods can i use, and at what age should I use them?

I'm a bit worried about dumping 40 odd juvie sterbai into my community tank (although I would say its understocked - eight corys, 4 pepps, one apisto, 20 tetra) and their subsequent impact on biological filtration, so am looking at getting grow out tank/s

What size grow out tank/s would be suitable for this number of corydora?

Put them into a 2 fter, them move half into another 2 fter in a month or so - would that be OK? Or will they be OK all together for a few months?

What filtration - sponge filters and internals?

Thin layer of sand subtrate or bare bottom?

Any help would be appreciated!

As a side note, about a month ago, I did a long overdue clean on my Eheim 2217 filter and found three 3cm baby corydora. Panicking, I then checked the 2213 canister filter (that has no trivet in the bottom) and found another one at 1.5cm.

Amazingly they were still alive, abeit a bit skinny, but are now doing fine.

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Thanks for your reply Mines Bigger - really appreciate it!

Sponge and 2 fter it is..

Can you advise how long in the fry saver, and what to feed them?

At the moment its vinegar eels, finely crushed flake and hatchless brine cysts, don't know what the next stage is...

Actually didn't think any of the eggs would hatch, so bit unprepared.

It was a "bung the eggs in the net and lets see what happens" sort of moment.

Stupid, really - act in haste and all.

I'm think I'm overfeeding, but I do syphon up the bottom crap three times a day, just before feeding them, so hopefully that balances it out .

I lost two wrigglers today - suprisingly distressing.

Really have to toughen up...

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Just keep your tank maintenance up and feed them on live foods if possible

Just be careful not to overdo it..the other thing is to keep your water parameters the same don,t make changes to their water conditions

Oh by the way my German Blue Rams bred today, nice to come home to

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Microworms are an excellent food for cory fry from free swimming stage to about 4-6wks. After this I introduce grindal worms which are more substantial.

I raised mine in bare bottom tanks with sponge filter and low water level. Every second day I carry out a 20% water change and use an old credit card to scrap the bottom of the tank to remove biofilm buildup. Found that it helps prevent "fungus" bellies on the fry.

All the best

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Thanks to you both, Cory1 & coo-ee - your help is very , very, much appreciated.

I was losing 3 or more fry a day, stopped using vinegar eels - have been corpse free for two days...Just a coincidence? Has anyone had the same experience?

Am now waiting for my microworm culture to propogate.

Coo-ee, will do as you have - ie bare bottom with sponge, and grindal worms.

From reading on the net, seems that fungus belly is a major problem, so will ensure that i do the credit card trick.

Just two last questions - at what stage should I remove them from the fry saver, into the spare 2fter? They are about 2 weeks old now

Have also just hatched more eggs - would wrigglers be safe with the older fry, in the same fry saver? Or would they starve due to the competition over food?

Thanks again!

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You should be able to move the older fry now,try to accesses some Orca blood worms..they are fine in size not too bulky and they don,t on average kill your fish..as was mentioned before 20% water changes and try to use aged water..try them on live brine shrimp as well

Prestige food have a Brine Shrimp ready to eat fry food as well

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