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Sunshine Coast: ADA-style Cube Setups + More

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Hey guys. Ive recently moved and broked down a lot of my FW tanks. I have two setups for sale.

1. 35cm cube rimelss + braceless, ADA Amazonia II aquasoil (9.8kg), ADA style cabinet. Tank is in great condition, makes a very tidy little setup.

- $90

Extras: 70w Shopfitter Halide - $40

2. 50cm cube rimless + braceless, UP Aquasoil (3 large bags worth), ADA style cabinet. As above, tank is in great nick. 125l gives a bit of flexibility with stocking.


Extras: 150w Shopfitter Halide - $55

1.5x Fluval 404s. One comes with all media baskets, Fluval tubing, but no intake and outlet. The second comes with body and motor, but no media baskets/accessories. In great nick - Both for $135

I also have a pile of driftwood, ferts, co2 equipment (diffusers, bubble counters, etc). Pretty much everything youd need for a high-tech planted setup. I even have two peri pumps mounted up (1.05ml/min) for auto fert dosing.

Let me know guys.

Danny Hennig

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