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Uploading photo problem

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OK solution,

Go to www.photobucket.com

Make a profile, upload pics.....

Once you have your pics uploaded they stay there for when you want to use them.

Place your cursor over the photo you want in your thread on here.

A little directory will pop out below the pic, left click on IMG code and it will highlight blue, right click on the blue bit and select copy.

Go to your post on here and select paste, easy! ;)

By using photobucket it also means less bandwidth for prospective buyers/ members to look at your pics and will make them more likely to look at your threads! :)

Hope that helps

Steve :mrgreen:

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yep i had that prob i just go open with paint (right click on pic) and were it says 100% delete that and type in 20% then when u go to get outt of that page it say save ..save it and then submit ...

that info is thanks to tutters ...its easy ...even for a computer dumby like me

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