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Identification Needed On These Fish

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I came across these fish today and I am wanting to know what they are as I have never seen them before.

They are supposed to be a breeding colony of 1male and 4 females.

Male is around 18cm and females maybe 15cm

Thanks guys


Male and Female






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Hi Quasimodo

I read that all last night and thanks for the link.They look so close to those but whats throwing me a bit is they seem to have a yellow edge to their dorsal where these are white.

Any info on them which is very little suggests the torpedo blues only grow to around 10cm yet these are up to about 18cm.

The other one that seems extremely similar as well is the Stigmatochromis pholidophorus which is what the shop i got them from thought they may have been.



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Hey lance

I def dont think these are Stigs as the head is slightly different on a stig and the lower jaw is also much more prominant in the stigs.

I'd go with the Blue torpedo myself, if the blue torpedo is just a colour variation on the silver torpedo's your male will get to 24cm and the females to 18cm.

Hope that helps

Cheers Goat

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They are definatly great looking fish if I ever go back to malawi's I'll be chasing you up for some.

Thought I might give you some info thats in my book, this goes off silver torpedo's which is pretty much exactly the same just slightly diff colours.

Males 24cm

Females 18cm

Min Tank Length 200cm

Min Tank Volume 500L

Max batch sizes 100

Breeding Behavior: In the aquarium males are territorial and construct shallow spawning pits. Juveniles are extremely small and very elongated.

Info taken from Ad Konings, Back to Nature Guide to Malawi Cichlids 2nd Ed.

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