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Jack dempsey Colour markings

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Well I got myself a pair which have apparently bred before and was looking to clarify that they are infact a pair. I keep reading about blue gill patterning on the female. I have looked up some other info on sexing them and most sites say to go by ventral and dorsal fin shaping.

I have looked at mine and the male definately has more pointed fins but the other one isnt showing much blue at all. Could this just be due to the fact that she is still acclimatising to my tank?

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the pointed fins on a jack dempsey arnt a sign of male and female.... female will have pointed fins at times too sometimes it is hard to sex a jd because there an offspring off the ebjd .... i have seen some males with a full face of blue .... so really the only way to sort of tell for sure is venting or if they make a pair by themselves...

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Hey Dude,

Garuanteed they are a pair ;) i sold them to you :)

As in Wonna pics, the female has blue spots under/on her chin and the male does not. Also the males blue marking will match up in straight lines and the females are more random.

Wat are you feeding them??

Wat are your Water Conditions Like??

I used Crushed Coral to stabilize the PH n Hardness. Calcium Carb does the same job.

I was alternating their diet day by day from Froz Blood worm, Cichlid pellets(Small Brown ones), Hikari Cichlid Gold Pellets. They like to hide especially wit new ppl or sudden movements. Give them time and they will colour up perfect. I will repost the pics of them so u dont have to catch them to check. :o

Sorry bout the photo quality but still proves succesfull

Male: No blue on chin and Straight Lines of colour


Female: - Notice the blue chin, Random colouration on face


Hope you enjoy them


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hey bud they are definately a pair as i sold them to merkinater and they bred for me twice i just did not have a set up to put the babies in

the reason i sold them to merkinater is because my missus didnt want them anymore as she wanted red devils

so i swear on my life if they are the same two that they are a pair and have definately bred twice for me

my mobile number is 0419678010 if you need to ask anything

cheers pete

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thanks heaps guys. yeah i was just wondering, the male has coloured up heaps but the female still looks plain., they are eating cichlid staple and home made food. I know they like to hang around with my texas alot, they are almost a trio in the tank. Ill run tests on the water tonight to get its parameters, as for hardness I thought the water here didnt need to be tested for hardness, But if it does require buffering for breeding I will get a test kit.

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