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How to remove eggs from her mouth

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My thumbs are too fat and clumsy so I gently use a plastic coated paper clip to gently open the mouth. Hold her head just above or just in the water for the fry to escape.

Ensure hands are clean and wet with no soap/detergent/McDonalds grease residue on them. Have everything ready so you are as quick as possible to avoid excessive stress on the fish.

Fry are to be placed in their own small tank with a sponge filter and can be fed crushed up flake / pellets. If using pellets, I put them in a McCormacks plastic pepper grinder on smallest setting to feed the fry.

Congratulations! :)

Edit: Sorry - just read you want to get the eggs out to tumble. Please only refer to mine if you want to strip fry. I've never tumbled eggs but there are plenty who do and will no doubt post soon. http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/tumbling_eggs.php

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Thanks for thats guys very helpful, my yellows arnt breeding yet but just wanted some advise for when the time comes. :)

Also another question any advise on tips for them to start breeding and how to sex these yellow fish :)

thank you again

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