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sea shells in a freshwater tank?

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Hi guys and gals, what are the pro/cons of puting salt water shells in a freshwater tank. was told of a beach where small conical shells are there by the milllions, and already have 3 shells in there which a cray used in some house renovations. Are they OK? effects on PH and hardness? Thanks, Tony

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Hi Tony,

I believes they would help on ph & Hardness similar to crush coral & coral bones.

To what extend in comparsion to the corals, I am no sure, similar??

I have them in my shrimp tanks, as the person told me the above also said it would help the shell development to the shrimps. And i notice them slowly desolving or been eaten by shrimps over time.



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Depending on the types of fish your keeping

If you want to keep a low PH then I dont recommend it

Though a small amounts shouldnt make to much difference over all

Great for use in Shrimp tanks

Also remember the law when your collecting shells from the beach

If the beach is in a marine Park then its illegal to remove any shells

Its also discouraged from other beaches as well


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