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8' Setup fish ideas

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Hi guys,

I am currently setting up a 8x2x2 tropicals tank. I have 2 angels, rainbow shark, 2x bristlenose and some tetras. I am after ideas on what else I can put in my tank that will live happily. I am not interested in Africans. I will be adding some Loaches but from there I am after some ideas. Maybe something a little larger as I have a bit of space availiable.



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multiple clown loaches, something like 10-15, they will look awesome.

But you really need something to fill the tank so a large school of tetras might be in order, just make sure they arent so small that the shark snacks on them

i would get a range of BN, peppermints, orange spot, albino's etc.

could get some yoyo loaches aswell, depends what your into really. personally a massive school of cardinals looks pretty sweet to me

corys would go too, the panda corys are pretty sweet

pictus catfish and mystus and all of them (cant think of the other ones)

look at www.livefish.com.au just to get an idea of all the diff types of tropical fish.

I had a rainbow shark with my tank with tetras and stuff and he didnt bother them, so hopefully you wont have an issue

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Your Angels are going to be big problems depending on what Tetras your going to want

Id be more heading towards Discus simply for the ease for fish later on

As long as you over filtrate then you shouldnt have any problems

Same as the sharks really

Rummynose will look great

Cardinals as well

Black Neons too


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If you keep barbs in a group of at least 5 or 6 they shouldn't be a problem with most fish. I had a heap of rainbows and a few other species in a big tank with a group of 8 tiger barbs and the barbs didn't bother anyone. (they were also quite entertaining with their high speed group hooning around the tank).

Exciting planning time! :):)

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