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Need some advise "dead electric yellow"

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H i guys

i just got home from work and i find 2 dead yellows and one more looking sick his top fin seems to be jumping up and down and he looks stressed

i had 6 yellows and bought 4 more on sunday, now 2 of the ones i bought have died and other one i bought is looking sick. im not sure why

i done a water test and tested ok ph is about 8

is there some way i can save this yellow cause he is being nudged around by his mates in the tank

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i turned the temp up to 27 c on saturday to try and get them to start to breed

all other water parameters were good going by the colour chart on my test kit

the only thing i put some round tube plastic thing in there for them to hide in or spawn in (now have removed), like pvc pipe

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A good practice for any fish that you buy is to quarintine them for a week or so in case they have something wrong with them. 2' tank with sponge filter would do the trick

Take any of the new ones out of your old tank and drop them into the quarintine tank to make sure nothing is passed on.

That said it could also be the new ones being attacked by the old yellows.

Are there any marks or sores etc on the new fish?


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possibly a BIG dif in water conditions ...where they were purchased may have been crystal water (great conditions) and may have been raised it this there whole life.

And then BAM

bagged up and chucked in your tank which may have a small amount of nasty's, that fish is not used too.

i have herd on fish being spoiled before :?:? might sound strage i know

but they then will not tolerate ANY change at all..

just a rant

bored :(:(

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I have to agree with FIIK on this one, sounds like the fish you bough may have been used to certain conditions. There may have been a large PH variance between your tank and the previous owner. I have also heard that you can get ammonia/nitrate shock as well.

I havent had fish die for a while now but if I am going to introduce new fish, I do 50% water change, drop the others in a bag then float in tank for about 15 mins. Then I put a small hole in the bag and slowly let the water mix.

Plus I obtain my fish from reliable places, and Ive never quarantined a fish, not that I have expensive fish anyways.

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have a look at this http://www.cichlid-forum.com/articles/malawi_bloat.php

i think you baught sick fish maouwi bloat

i googled bloated cichlid

might help

ps wear did you get them and wear not allowd to badmouth biusneses keep in mind

but other members may want to no wear they were purchased ass its a spreadable diseas

if this is wat theyve got ?

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ummm spreadable disease ????

i always though it was too much protein in there diet and somthing to do with there intestine tracks being long, therefor not able to digest food (hi protein) and then causing a blockage...therefor bloat occurs

some people think its contagious disease because 2-3 fish my get it ...but would these fish be eating the same food ???

ie: hi protein

common misconception i rkn

one for the disease bloke's to confirm

Cheers Luke

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Thanks to this forum this fish is still alive and doing really well , he ate for the first time today in a week .

I read under the Diseases section of the forum under( bloat in community tank) to put him in salt water , a mix of table salt and epson salts

So i did for several hours in a bucket of water from fish tank and added the salts

Now look at him he is like new ... thanks guys

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