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New to the hobby - Need help with a few things

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Hi all,

After a few days looking at which fish i really like on the forum i find the electric yellows nice, i want to get a couple and hopefully start breeding. Before i do so i just want to know a few things. The tank i will use is 3ft

How would i set my tank up to suit the E/Y's? (Gravel or No Gravel, Logs/rocks, Plants etc)

What other things would i need? (Heater, Filter etc)

What do they eat?

Sorry for the silly questions, i don't have much knowledge in the hobby.


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Yes Electric Yellows are nice fish,

My tank has gravel and 2 smallish flower pots with a hole cut out for the fish to get in and out, the gravel has to be moveable by them, my males dig themselfs a little hole to breed in.

I wouldn't put more then about 10 yellows in a 3 foot tank, and i would get 2-3 males and 7-8 females for good breeding sucess.

My ph is about 7.7 and they are breeding all the time in there

Best to strip the fry after about 18-21 days so the other fish don't eat them

they eat normall tropical flakes, you can feed them cichlid pellets, frozen fish dinner, if your not against feeder fish the odd baby guppy, blood worms.

For a 3 foot tank i would get a filter that does atleast 200litres per hour maybe abit more depending on hope many litres your tank has, you need a filter that does twice the amount of litres your tank holds, you need a filter that will do 1 watt to one litre.

hope this helps.

Thats all i do and lately i have heaps of mouthfulls, Electric Yellows are mouth brooders so you have to watch for a big bump under the chin and when they have a big one they have babys.

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What size 3 foot tank? 3 x ? x ? ..... also u want to filter the water imo at least 5 times what the total litrerage of the tank is , i used to feed mine spiralina flake but i'm sure there are plenty of other foods out there , PH any where between 7.6 - 8 but would go for around 7.8

U will need a heater in winter and gravel ( substrate ) is up to u but i would go for cal carb , used rock work with a heap of caves if u want a breeding display u could have plants but will need to find some hardy plants and cover the roots well other wise they will rip them up

imo a 3 foot is too small for a decent colony ,

Go for learning as much as u can about the fish and make sure they are quality fish b 4 u even think of breeding these ( search the forum for well known breeders of yellows ) as there is alot of people out there breeding crap africans mostly because they dont spend the time to learn about the fish and understand what quality is

thats what this forums for mate info , google is only a reference not experience thats why the forum is a great thing

hope this helps


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I could not agree with White Knight more.

Filtration has to be at least 4-5 time turn over, heaters are normally 1watt per litre - not filters

Be careful of light coloured or "cream" electric yellows - there are jusy badly managed bloodlines of what was once a really nice fish - as stated there are some great breeders out there who do this really well (not just with EY, but all species), but unfortunately there are some who dont.

On this same line, if you are interested in setting up a colony dont just buy 10 fish from the one source - is better to get from a variety of bloodlines so you can work towards having a good line yourself. Another way is to buy a currently breeding colony from an experienced breeder - you will obviously pay more, but they are proven breeders and you should be able to view some fry to verify - just be careful of how old they are - no point in buying a colony of barren pensioner fish! :? :nosey:

I also agree that a 3' tank is prob not big enough, and I am sure that once you get to know these guys you will want to add some tank mates of other species - the 3' is prob ok for now, but we all eventually move to large display style tanks in the end - it is a disease, be careful :lol::lol::lol:

Other than that there are planty of people in here who will help - just find someone you can trust to ask questions of, and continue to do the research you are doing

I hope that this helps



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