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Problems with black algae

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Hey guys for the past few years in the hobby ive had problems with this black/brown gunk that fills up in the pipes of filters e.t.c. I was wondering whether there was anyway to prevent this rather than cleaning pipes every week. Would a UV sterilizer help? what would be the best for a 4'x2'x2'.

Thanks for your help. Billy

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It's an Atman 11W UV sterelizer, I haven't used it before and I have everything that it came with in the box

http://www.sella.co.nz/general/pets-ani ... rs/5560mm/

its like the one on that site

Basically, if you've got a canister filter on the return pipe...

1. Cut the return pipe

2. attach the end thats coming from the canister to the input end of the unit

3. attach the left over cut bit of the pipe to the output end of the unit

4. put the output end in the tank

The only reason I haven't used it is because i haven't bought the necessary 'stuff' to make the pipes water tight when connected to the sterilizer

but I've got everything that came in the box

so it runs from the canister through the sterilizer then to the tank

The same can be down using a power head with a pipe attached to it that runs outside the tank to the sterilizer

It's basically a canister filter but it doesn't have a pump inside it so thats why its connected to a power head/pump/canister

Price sent in PM

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I get it in my pipes too dude and not much you can do hey...i run UV on all my tanks and it only kills the stuff that passes through so my pips are black after the UV but clear b4 and tank is always clear aswell.

I just change my pips every time i shut my canisiter down for cleaning.

will take a pic of my pipes now so you can see dude.

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