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My Crystal Red Shrimp Photos

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Thanks for the comments guys

Yes frinkie is right: the one under the RIP is my Mosura and it was $$$ (not happy Jan) :sob:

Simply stunning Kham..You know where to look if you need to sell some to a new home..lol

No news yet will keep you updated

Jen :)

lol no worries Jen but I think I'll be the one buying shrimp off you with the quality you have running around in your tanks atm.

By the way I think I fixed 'that problem' I've been having with the shrimps, so all is good now (touch wood).

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Awesome looking shrimp dude!

ive been thinking about getting my hands on some but ive never had any experience with them in the past. Are they easy enough to keep? I mean I keep Discus without any problems, cant be that much harder can it? :D

Also how do you find breeding them? hard work? decent return?

Cheers mate,


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Hi Chris

Some people do find them difficult and even I have had some problems keeping them alive and in good condition; But in the end I think if you keep the water in good condition and keep stable conditions you shouldn't experience too much difficulty in keeping and breeding them. They are more sensitive than fish and other shrimp though and I wouldn't recommend them as a first shrimp until you get more shrimp keeping experience (i.e. cherries).

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