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i borrowed a mates digital so i could take some photos of some of my babies when i noticed my eretmodus female is now holding again, :lol:

the tank is going really well i do water changes every week and the tropheus are growing each day,


this it the tank as a whole


this is the female with mouthful


one of the babies.


this last one is off my phone so its a bit poor quality but its of the tropheus.


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yeah its white sand from sapars cost $7.00 for 40kg.

im not into keeping run of the mill fish, like things a bit different,

i need to move the tank soon so i might re design it a bit, try make it look a bit better.

the plants i have in there are java fern, green rush and varigatted rush. the rush family produces a feral tasting sap so the tropheus leave it alone.

fish in there are

eretmodus cyanostictus

xenotilapia spiluptris

tropheus duboise

Rhadinocentrus ornatus (morton island rainbows (bronze strain))

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hi the tank looks great and i love the look with white sand but always wondered does it change any of the chem of the tank and if so what do you have to do to correct the prob .

i have thought about doing my 6ft with sand but dont know enough about it hope you can give me some advice

cheers mark

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the current is mainly a top of the tank thing, if you notice the eheim spray bar and powerhead both put current the same way and it hits the roks at the other end and disperses, it takes a bit of experimenting but i got it right in the end.

plus the sand sifter and gobys are always picking it up and spitting it everywhere anyhow so it stays pretty spread out.

one thing i have found with the tank is that the tropheus spend most of their tim in the slack areas of the tank where there is not as much current, the eretmodus hang out in the rocks where the current is at its best and the sand sifter doesn;t care.

maybe my tropheus are just lazy and dont like to swim.


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Okay i had to move the tank so drained it took all the rock out shifted it and set it up again, everything went great and the female eretmodus still has her mouthful which is awesome.

i set the tank up a little different so here are some pics off my phone.


this is the tank now and the fish seem to like having more foraging grounds. i have also set it up with a lot more hidy holes as the male eretmodus wants too breed again and the female is not too keen at this point.


this is the male tryiong to find his girlfriend but she has found a little cave.


i like the layout of the new tank better than the old one and i haop the fishiees do too.


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