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For the Geo fans - ID please on Geo

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Hey Japes & Ozarowana or whoever knows this Geo,

This is right up your alley, id on these 2 different types of Geo's please:

There are 7 Geo's in total:

2 Have red eyes, striped tails & have a red stripy color.(Looks like both males)

The other 5 have spots on tails, no red eyes & are a goldy pearl color. (Looks like males & females)

So it looks like 2 different type of species.

Good luck

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Hi tubbi,

The fish in the first, second, fourth, fifth, and at the front of sixth are Geophagus altifrons "Tocantins", smaller lateral spots/patterning and colouration.

The second species with the larger lateral spot/striped caudal in photos three, seven, and eight, are Geophagus sp. "Columbia/Venezuela".

I'll get ozarowana to confirm.

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Caudal fin pattern is the easiest characteristic to use to distinguish between your two species.

1. altifrons, tail of sp. C/V showing

2. altifrons, body of sp. C/V showing

3. both sp. C/V

4. altifrons

5. same pic as 2

6. altifrons, two behind are sp. C/V, altifrons at the very back

7. sp. C/V

8. sp. C/V

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Ahh Tubbi 3rd down looks like Col/Ven to me quality looks a bit bad maybe you should finally going to succumb to my needy requests and offload them to me :)

Nahh looks good got yours breeding yet?

You probably have excess females so i'd be happy to take one off you :lol:

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Thanks guys for the good work!!

But you didn't mention the clown loach in the background!! Lol

I thought I had 2 col/ven

Sarg: throw me an offer!!! Lol

Can you see whether the 2 col/ven are males or females?

I think they might be 2 males not sure

anyone got a female??

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