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thinking of a business

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sourcing quality timber at a good price is the hard part as bunnings is the easy option but can be a lil dearer. Buying in bulk is the go to save a few bucks a metre but when you gotta buy 100m at a time can get quite expensive. Also having unique ideas as well is a sure fire key selling point.

As I am looking into this currently myself and brainstorming, I have come up with a few cracker ideas. Just have to build them and put them out there for sale now. They aint gonna be cheap but you get quality not quantity!

On that note I am sure David and I share the same passions with construction and fish so we are joining 2 things to make some small coin on the side.

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hey guys how much for a wooden stand to hold a 6x2 approx 680litres and a 3foot sump underneath prob 3x18 approx 175litres.

tank height is 1.1 mtrs for grond and shelf inside is 15cms form grond preferably 6 or 8 legs with two doors on front that swing outwards

please pm me if you need to know anything else

cheers pete

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