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FS: HUGE fibreglass growout tub, 1300+ Litres (Gold Coast)

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Ok this is my old growout tub, I have lost my photos of it, Maybe someone else can find them and email or post them up for me.

But its about 180cm x 100cm x 80cm around about, Its in storage so I will get exact measurements and photos on saturday morning.

This has a white gelcoat finish on the inside (same as a white boat) is completely safe to put your fish in, I have had a breeding colony of 7 bar frontosa in it for over 6 months.

It holds its own weight, you can just chuck it on the floor, kick it, throw it, never break it, dont need a stand or support for it. Holes can easily be blowen through it will a standard drill and hole saw to add a sump.

Would make an excellent growout tank as the white bottom makes it easy to get rid of excess food.

This would cost well over $700 to make or replace, After $500 can deliver to auction, you will need a ute or trailer though.

Will try and get some photos.

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