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Built in removable tank dividers…

Here is a brief description of the dividers I put in my 6’x18”x18” tank.

These must be made and fitted to tank while empty and dry.

I made the dividers out of 6mm glass, two panels, one from the fromt and one from the back.

Each panel has a slot (made from strips of glass), on the inner edge (FIG 1.).

The panels are then siliconed into place opposite each other and left for at leat 36 hrs before filling tank with water.

Fig 1.


I used a plastic gutter guard mesh available from most good hardware stores and made the panels to suit hte width of the mesh. (fIG 2.)

Fig 2,


Plastic mesh can be removed if needed.

Fig 3.



Remember, only use “acetic cure” silicone, for aquariums..

Cheers george

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