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A self introduction

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Hi all the handle is Stumpy but Selwyn is the real name Ex-Kiwi 66yrs old and just love breeding fish have a fish room with nearly 100 tanks 14 bath tubs 6 10ft dia. pools and am in the throws of putting in a Turtle area, now that I am retired it is great as I can spend more time with the fish. The fish I try breeding are norm. Bristlenose,Albino Bristle.,Orangespot Bristle. no luck with Peppermints yet, Angels, Albino Corys, Bronze Corys, Peppered Corys, Guppies, Platies, Swordstail, Rosy Barbs,& a couple of others. Have lived here for 26yrs. and have loved every day here in Qld.




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welcome stumpy...

excellent collection of fish there... i am sure you can use the extra time that retirment brings you...

ps; The most important question; do you still follow the All Blacks

although i do fail to see the importance of this question... unless the answer is NO... :lol:

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