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Saltwater system convert to Freshwater

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I bought a used tank which has been used as a saltwater tank, and in which I would like to keep freshwater fish (two months ago I had no fish tanks - how does this happen???)

The tank has an external canister filter which is the thing I am most concerned about. Do I throw out the media, run freshwater through it, dry it out, soak it in freshwater, rub it 6 times anticlockwise with a sprig of sage????

How can I be sure that this will not cause a problem when I set up the new tank?


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If you are worred don't be

The bugs carn't be transfered from salt to fresh

All you do is give every thing a good wash to remove and salt

But a little salt in your tank won't hurt your fish

If you are woried get some pure bleach and wash every thing with that

Rince every thing

And when you put it to geather and fill your tank just add a litte more nutrlizer than you normaly would

So if you have any more questions just ask


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