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Convict Fry

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Ok well I must be doing something right as I got a heap of convict fry in one of my 4 footers, have tried to move as many of the fry as possible into a 2 foot tank on their own, yes I've ready the forums and used google, got a sponge filter in there today as the small power head was blowing them in a whirlpool.

Have ground yup soem fish food, and got a couple of algea waffers in there, anything else I need to know?

And now for the question which I know will get me into trouble, !!!

How fast do they grow,?

Just which it was my jewels breeding instead of the convicts, but anything is better than nothiong I suppose, so the fact they are breeding, I assume is a sign, I got the water and tank conditions right?



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