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fish profile/photos... please read this one first

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hi all

i have started another post with an example of something that i would like to see... and something i think would really help someone new to the hobbie recognise some fish they might like to keep. It will also arm us with a little knowledge so we can search further...

It is a basic fish profile...

1) i really would like us to use photos of our own fish, this way we get to show them off :P and it will be a true example of what quality you can obtain if you are willing to look. Please dont hammer others photograpic skills!!! (eg, i have a better pic etc as i would like as many people to imput as possible). We might want to keep these to a reasonable size so its faster to open etc...

2) different members might have something to add to the previous profile/s - so instead of getting the thread all messy with random statements i am hoping that we can pm each other with the info which we would like included so that the original post can then be edited...

please let me know on this thread what you think...

thanks all

ps i am trying to add a poll but not sure if it will work :oops:

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Yea agree this is a good idea, we where looking to add something similar as a different section, but if everyone would like it could be a forum like the articles and members could post up profiles.

I would like to leave the posts open however, so that members can post photos of there fish aswell. But it will have to be moderated, we dont really want the discussion to happen in there, that would be better in a different section.

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Yes this can work. I think people will have to be open minded. If someone puts a photo up say of a red empress for example & it is riddled in vertical strips it will have to be deleted..... Unless people are comparing quality for example.

I was thinking of contacting Andrea to see if we could use her electric yellow article. Thats an excellent article.


Emiee's idea of using our own fish is a great idea. People will see what is available here in this country be alot better than using foreign photos.

Boddiz, sorry I am not a fan of price. This idea given, should be just used for info on fish, what is out there & the like. As soon as prices get thrown around people can get upset & market values change anyway. If people want to buy or know values, pms or speaking to people are the way to go, its not hard. Plus we already have a trader section.

Maybe people can start adding to the articles section if they like. Grummy if people start to add, what are the chances of you arranging in alphabetical order.

Good luck to those that decide to give it a crack.

Brad, your camera is alot better than mine, any chance of taking some photos off baby fish for me. I might give this a crack too.

Frenchy :D

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