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Royal whip tail tank mates

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I have 5 of these about 7cm not including tails, would they be OK in a community tank with a sail-fin pleco, a colony of albino afra and a colony of yellow tail acei? I just want to make sure they will be compatible with my cichlids.

Thanks :fish::fish::fish:

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I personally wouldnt as Afra's being an african mbuna will def have some aggression towards them and with there sometimes fragile tail it would worry me.

as for the water conditions they will survive in african conditions but will prefer a softer water at around the high 6's but will be ok in up to 7.5

i hope you dont plan on keeping them together for a long time as would just not be right to do so..

Whiptails are from the Columbian Region so not really ideal...and deserve the correct biotype/habitat to thrive.

If you have african's it is only really ideal to keep them in species orientated tanks, so i would get some more afra and even some labs and keep all the fish happy.

just my thoughts :ewink:



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Agree with FIIK, i Definately would not put Whiptails with African Cichlids and a lot of American species, as they will harass the Whiptails and the Africans will probably get a nice snack :fish: :bun:

I would keep them by themselves, or with some Cory species. Something that isn't nippy!



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