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youtube video of 8x4x4 freshwater tank

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Hi all,

A while ago when I was in Sydney I went to a big LFS in Manly. This is their big 8x4x4ft freshwater native display. It is filtered by 2 x Eheim Classic 2260 canisters. I am really sorry that I wasn't more careful when I tried to zoom in on the A4 information sheet with all the tank details... it ended up too blurred to read while watching the video. :oops:

Anyway, next time I am down there I will get the details and update it.

I got the owner's permission before filming the tank.


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sorry but your vid does this tank no justice :(

It was spur of the moment, with a dodgy little camera that just happens to have a video function. Just wanted to show something, because I didn't know when I'd get the chance to get back there again :lol:

Next time I'll go prepared, with my good camera, and do it properly.

Yeah, you can get a ferry over to Manly, but I drove around. There is an "Ocean World" or something like that not too far away, but I didn't have time to go in there. Maybe next time. :)

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