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###### DIY 3D Foam & Concrete Background Help #####

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I want to try my hand at making myself a 3D Background for one of my 3FT Tanks, after scouring forums to get ideas I'm at a loss as to what paint is safe to use thats available in Australia. The Yanks use a product called Krylon Fusion and when Googling for a stockist over here all I can turn up is those 'Artsy Fartsy' colours, not a tan, a burgundy, a brown and a black. Being the colours Im after.

Anyone got any alternatives on a non-toxic waterproof product? Or has anyone done it by tinting their cement??

Of the different methods to make the background the way that looks to be most effective is sandwhiching layers of Foam around 6inches wide and minimum 2inches thick with one flat side (to go against the wall of the tank) and then cut the front in all different shapes and angles - then paint on a thin watery layer of cement, then a thickened layer finishing with another watery layer for smoothness.

I know this has probably been covered before but get everyones help is better than searching the 500-600 odd Topics in here.

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Hey mate, I'm half way through make one for my 3 footer, i not making mine with concrete, im making mine with epoxy. all i do is coat the foam in epoxy and then rub dirt and what ever else you want the background to look like (there's a special kind of epoxy you have to get though,from a mob down brisbane,cause most epoxy will just melt the foam) I've also got cement colouring to use on the dirt which i got of bunnings. I've seen a few made this way and no one seems to have had any problems with them.

Heres a pic of mine so far.

Before i put expanding foam on it.


And after the expanding foam.




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