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small Tank's and fish

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Want to replace these with another 2 foot so have no use for them .. also have 2 air pumps 1 is a single outlet one is a twin outlet can add to item 1 or 2 both work just dont need them . prices listed or $25 for the lot , pick up only not worth delivery on these

ITEM 1 $15 - 3 mutifactus , 1 brichardi

450mm x 230mm x 250mm tank ( L x W x H ) with lid and gravel

small sponge filter


ITEM 2 $10 - 2 bullrout around 5cm

380mm x 205mm x 220mm ( L x W x H ) with lid and gravel

filter & a small bag of filter wool


ITEM 3 $10 - 2 small tanks 260mm x 155mm x 170mm with lids ( L X W X H ) painted blue background both tanks looks the same as the one pictured





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Yes these are the 2 u NEVER called me or texted me back about after i got a msg from clayton on the forum that you were in ipswich , if you are trying to start some thing then you had a chance to text me or call me back after i msg'd you that same day with the number i was givin as soon as i read claytons msg on the forum , you could have rang me and told me your were on your way that often helps ....... as i waited around most of the day after i finished work for a call or a text back from you


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look like u want 2 start something

hey i call u about 10 times and left msg on your msg bank and u said about midday the day b4 i all so msg u on the froam and never heard back from u and clayton never heard back from u eather

and u never gave me your address eather

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