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Hi all,

I know diddly squat about lighting but want to buy a 3' twin globe light to go under the hood of a 3' tank. The tank is planted with Anubias, Val, Swords so need something strong enough to cater to those growing well. Anyone got anything at a decent price, bearing in mind I can get a brand new AquaOne dual globe 3' aluminium for $79.20? Doesn't have to look flash but must work well!

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Hi Di,

Is the 3ft tank a tall tank? Or is it relatively shallow?

The reason I ask is that 2x 3ft bulbs might not be bright enough for good plant growth in a deep tank. My personal recommendation would be to get 4 bulbs, and then you'll be able to grow whatever plants you want in the tank. Having said that, the Anubias and sword and val are probably slow growing enough to be able to cope with the lower light conditions.

If you want (since I live so close) I could come over one afternoon after work and have a look at the hood. It might be rediculously simple for me to set you up with 4x 3ft bulbs that we mount directly to the undeside of the tank hood. If the hood is standard with the half-lift up lid, then we paint the wood white, and then you can mount 2 lights to that, and the other 2 will be left in the unmoving bit. We can put a light switch for the front set, so that when you want to open the top up you can turn those two bulbs off so that you aren't blinded. That will then allow the back two lights to remain on so that you can still see what you are doing.

Beware, with 4x 3ft bulbs, your plants will be growing at a pace a lot quicker than you might be used to :-) (and require constant trimming if you have fast growing plants).


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