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Yeah mate Fish Junkie have some glass lids, he live in Brisbane Chermside and this is his ad from last week. Cheers :!:

Anybody after glass lids (Chermside)

Hi most of you would have seen this ad before as it goes up every couple of months as we all break lids or buy a second hand tank with no lids etc

So same as last time $5 per lid up to 600 x 600 bigger can be ordered just will cost a little more 4mm thick (flat pane)

Pick up asap I get them early Sat morning you have all Sat pm and Sunday Im not waiting home every weekend for you to turn up (if you are on my foe list no lids for you)

will pick up Sat 3 April

will PM everyone who orders as soon as they are ready for pick up

Pls post on thread all orders and or questions


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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