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AMAZING 4 foot fish tank set up worth $2000 selling for $450

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Item Summary: AMAZING 4 FOOT FISH TANK whole set up with fish, stand, hood, EVERYTHING!

Location: QLD: Sunshine Coast

Condition: Good

Reason for Selling: MOVING HOUSE

Asking Price: $450 NEED IT GONE

Contact Info: 0423749899, OR Pm me

i have a 4 foot fish tank set up for sale,


-7 salmon tail catfish

- 1 murray cod

- 4 convics which are all breeding pairs, just had fry

- 2 red claw crays

- blue dolphin

- 2 shrimp

- 4 silver dollars

- some other pretty african cichlid i dont no what its called

- archer fish

- 2 1000L/hr filters

- 300W heater

- 3 air pumps running an air stone

- crystal white gravel

- plants

- rocks

- ship wreck feature also have 3 other types of features


- 4 foot light

- polished wood stand and hood

ive probley forgot some things but its all there an an amazing and exspensive setup, sucks thats i have to get rid of it but im moving out!

text/call 0423 749 899 or pm mefish_tank_1.jpg[/attachment:1dey5bvj] finsh_tank_2.jpg[/attachment:1dey5bvj] fish_tank_3.jpg[/attachment:1dey5bvj] fish_tank_4.jpg[/attachment:1dey5bvj]

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woops sorry, wrong post! :P

If it is a 4x2x2 or larger...i would be interested in everything minus the fish? if anyone is interested int he fish maybe we can organise something? (depepnding on price)


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