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Fish Junkie

Glass lids by demand pick up June 12th Chermside

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Ok back again is my Glass lids thread

$5 each lid flat pane max 600 x 600 If you want bigger or thicker glass PM me if you want finger holes corners cut or edges smooth PM me This can all be done for an extra agreed cost

right now the deal breaker all money is to be paid upfront if I dont know you or have not met you. This is because ive always paid upfront for the lids and ive been screwed once to often. If you want to go to the Glazier thats fine

I will PM you my bank details and total $$$ as long as money is cleared before I leave on 12th June you will get your lids

cash in my hand or in the post is fine but at your own risk

once I have lids (about midday) I will PM you my address for them to be collected

Pls post sizes on here and let other thread die or be deleted

NO MONEY NO LIDS SIMPLE let the fun begin

Any questions PM or 0416163078


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Hey mate, after three lids for mine.

all lids are 530 wide x 570 deep. could i get a corner cut on the back right of one and the back left of another.

if you pm me a quote with your bsb and account I will transfer the money.

cheers, joe

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