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help with sump, bulkhead size and how many..

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just made a cabinet sorta thing.

plan is to have a 3X1X1 on top

3X18wX16H in the middle

3X15wX18 on bottom for sump.

this would be the first time sumping so any suggestion, ideas would be appreciated.

at the momment what i have in mind is... sump pumps water to the top tank, over flows into middle tank and back to sump. what size piping would be best to use? how many should i have from middle tank going into sump? what size pump is needed for this?

heres a pic of the cabinet, it is 120cm high

its not finished yet, will be adding doors to hide the sump and then waterproof the thing.

cheers for any suggestions

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if you can plumb each tank the sump, that way you can shut either tank off if you get a break out of some sort,

there are a few other threads about the piping and bulkhead sizes,

its each to their own cos everyone does it differently...

25mm piping and 1x25mm bulkhead is fine in each tank(that the bit that is each to their own),

as for the pump size it depends on the type of fish, head height of the pump.


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i see what you mean by plumb each tank to the sump.

i was thinking the other way so i only have to play around with 1 pump to get the flow right. but incase i shut down a tank, might go with what you suggested.

as for fish, its gonna be used to breed BN

thanks for your input

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