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They will be much better off in a 3' I think.

I also put a medium sized anubis on driftwood in with them and they are always all over it.

What kind of whiptails are you lookin at?

If you are ever out my way you are welcome to come have a look at mine. I may be able to save you some of the headaches I had with them ;)

Good luck with them.



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Hey Luke,

I got the wifes's Trio of Royal Whiptals to breed in a 3'x15"x18" sectioned into 1'x15"x18" (fry tank) n 2'x15"x18" parent tank. I had some plants n a hollow log prob 50mm diamter n bout 1ft long n heaps of cherry shrimp. I had a

1300L/hr internal filter (Royals love current) n a sponge filter. They would breed every 1.5weeks n I would syphon out the fry once they left the log in my fry save in the a joinin tank ;) Prob is the fry are hard to keep alive (they won't search for food if hungry n will starve)

Brenda (Brengun) breeds Whiptails, so mite b worth sending her a pm if u have any Qs

Goodluck wit your venture


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