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Hi guys i was just wondering if anyone can give me some basic info on rays.....One question in particular is would one live fine with a jack 20cm a barra 40cm pleco 30cm and a giant gourami in a 8fter......? Overall are they a difficult fish to look after. I am looking at a pearl stingray that is about 11inches...

Any info would be great would love to hear your own experiences....

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Wow, goodluck on getting the Pearl Ray ;)

Have never kept Ray's before. Although I was considering turning one of my 6ft's into a Ray tank, but never got around to doing so.

But when I was planning on getting some, I did my homework and spent a few good hours researching and reading about them.

As for housing them: Water must be very well maintained/cleaned and clear of any ammonia/nitrate etc.

Using crushed coral within your filtering will be best for them, as they prefer a higher PH level than average.

As for your 30cm Pleco. NOT recommended, as Ray can be stressed out by the Pleco when it'll start sucking on the Ray.

Although, there are a few keepers that have successfully kept pleco's with Ray's.



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