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EOI....great 7 tank setup. Six 2x18x18 tank & a 4.5 footer.

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I’m considering selling my breeding setup. Very neat and tidy. Now has six 2x18x18 tanks and a 4.5 foot tank on top. You could put a 6 footer on top instead of the 4.5 footer as I had that before. Very solid timber and good tanks with lids and styro. EOI at this stage as I would only sell for a decent offer.

I have several power filters, heaters and a Resun LP20 air pump to run all sponge filters, but prefer to sell without these unless a really nice offer comes along.

Pick up from Ormeau only. Send me a pm me if interested.


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Very nice breeding set-up JWoods,

agree how it is neat and tidy,

When I looked at the picture, I thought

you like to keep a lot of small fish together

closely in a breeding set-up haha.

I'm considering in getting a breeding set-up

in the near future.

Anyway, good luck with the sale.


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eoi means I wanted to know if there was any interest in the setup.

Had a few people asking for the measurements:

The setup is 45cm deep, stand is 158cm high, total height to top of tank is 202cm, length is also 202cm.

Total water volume is about 1000 litres.

Would not sell tanks separately as they are all designed for this setup.

Would be looking for $400 for the setup without accessories.

It really is great for breeding catfish and/or growing out any type of fry.

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Depends on what you want.

I'm keeping all lights.

But for an extra $120, I could include;

a Resun LP20 airpump with air hosing and divider (currently running 14 sponge filters), got it from AoA. Think it's still under warranty.

http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/cata ... 6&catID=14

3 heaters

2 powerfilters (600 litres/hr)

A nice moss-covered piece of driftwood, some Cherry shrimp and small extras

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