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breeding flame backs

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hi guys ihave a pair of flame backs who have breed before but im tryin to pair up atm for my first time i ve just put them in a 4fter by them selfs and the male got very colourful and they lip locks and he strated chasing her then returned to hiding under a bridge any info on what i should look 4 or do to breed these

cheers farah

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hey mate,

First of all FB are very aggressive towards each other so if i were you i would be getting more females or males..

Females obvious better for breeding but other males can take some of the aggression away from the females also.

best advise here would just get more of them and let them settle...general w/c etc..

make sure you provide adequate coverage through rock's and caves as this particular species can get quite aggressive and other's will need refuge.

if you only end up keeping the single female and she continues to spawn at some time you will have to remove her to re-condition and feed... usually after the second brood

..but some say first..


Cheers Luke


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