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What is this???

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This stuff is growing on my driftwood, my plants and my glass. What is it?

Tank has been set up for about 5 months with this stock - previously it was cichlids. Driftwood has been in my tanks for at least 12 months now. This thing is just a new appearance in the last two weeks. I can't think of anything new I've done but add 9 guppies.

I'm running 2x40W T8's, approx 12 hours per day, I've attached two half pics which show the full tank - most of the plants I know are java fern, crested java fern, anubias - but the others I don't know.

I'm dosing - 5ml flourish per week after 40% water change. 1-14mL Excel after weekly water change.

Any advice on what it is and how to eradicate would be grand!

Also if you know what some of the other plants are I'd love to know :)

Stock is: 9 paleatus corys, 3 julli (6 died), 6 neons, 10 lemon tetras, ghost knife fish, 30 cherry shrimp.

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I will hazard a guess and say fungus?

Get a UV sterilizer, scrub it off everything you can and do a water change.

The UV should stop the spores from re-colonizing.

As to where it came from, water change?

Are your buckets sterilized prior to a w/c?

Steve :)

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Thank you for the replys.

I have used a new food - I got some food from a member that had some spirulina pellets in it that I hadn't used previously, and I tried the Prestige Vegie Pellets but nobody ate them so I netted them out after 10 hours.

Steve - the buckets are fish only but I don't sterilize them. To do a water change I have a hose that I just run from the tub to the tank, syphon it out, then refill it from the hose adding dechlor as it fills. I've done it this way for about 18 months now - on the africans before this set up.

The other problem I'm having is on Sunday I fly to the US for 5 weeks and my partner is on fish duty. So I'll have to try and get him to help me. In place of a UV steriliser - would scrubbing them and drying them in the sun work?

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